Manchester China Town

Manchester was originally founded as a Roman garrison town by the general Agricola in 79AD. The modern city, however, really started to take shape in the 18th century with the invention of steam-powered spinning machines. Cotton manufacturing in Manchester really took off, and together with other achievements such as the building of the Manchester Ship Canal, put the city firmly on the map of industrial Britain.

Many of the solid public buildings we see today in Manchester were built on the proceeds of the wealth that was generated then, and along with the modern shopping malls and cultural venues they help make the city the unique place it is. It’s now a thriving modern city, which makes parking in Manchester sometimes challenging, especially during the busy sales.

However, with NCP’s Manchester car park at China Town, it’s easier than ever to drive right into the heart of Manchester and enjoy a day’s shopping and sightseeing, without worrying about finding a convenient parking space.